Wholesale Membership
Becoming a Wellness Advocate is the smartest, cheapest and most fulfilling way to purchase essential oils. It's like having a Costco Membership. You pay a small $35 enrollment fee and then you are entitled to EVERYTHING 25% off, which is AT COST. This is the LOWEST price you will find. Purchasing straight from doTERRA ensures your oils are not adulterated and safe for use.






Earn FREE Products!
If your like me and you have fallen in LOVE with the oils and doTERRA you will be happy to know you can earn FREE PRODUCTS after becoming a New Wellness Advocate. To earn free products sign up for doTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program! It's simple and easy. When purchasing your products through the LRP Program your 25% discount can increase all the way to 55%! You will also get 100% of your shipping costs in FREE PRODUCTS as well. Ordering a certain point value also know as pv can give you a chance to earn MORE FREE essential oils & MORE. How awesome is that?! You are not required to sell or order a specific amount and can cancel at any time!

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My Gift to You
To show my appreciation to you for trusting & choosing me to start you on your essential oil journey I will gift you a FREE essential oil hardback BIG BOY book when you enroll with me and set up your LRP of 100pv for the following month. It has about 500 pages of every oil you can imagine, the science of oils, DIY, cooking, personal usage and so much more. It's most definitely a resource you are going to NEED. Do it for 3 months in a row and get a FREE FULL SIZE diffuser! The diffuser is great to have in the home especially if you have children or animals. Not only does it purify the air with essential oils but it has the capability to balance all aspects of your life. I have one in every room of my home. If you have any question on how to enroll and set up a LRP order Contact me.

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KIT Options
When you enroll to become a wellness advocate there are many different options available to you. The benefit of purchasing a kit at your enrollment time is that your $35 membership fee will be WAIVED! A kit is also a really good way to go if you are new to the oils because they contain a good variety of different choices. Also, depending on which kit you enroll with you can earn EXTRA FREEBIES with me and doTERRA!

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Ready Set Go!
Can't contain your excitement? I bet you can't wait to start this journey with me!

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If You have any questions contact me and I will walk you through the process of signing up.