My mission is to guide you to tools, natural remedies & holistic approaches that will help YOU & YOUR PETS thrive naturally.

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Lin Schmid
I am so impressed with Sarabeth. She graciously called me and I immediately knew she knew her material. Her energy shines through as well as her knowledge of oils. I felt comfortable with her expertise on oils and trust her completely. If you are teetering on whether to try oils--- give Sarabeth a call, message, DM and/or email. It's a win/win decision. And best of all---I've made a new friend! I know she will take time to educate me and answer all my questions. She is as valuable as the oils and I am confident she knows her stuff. She is AMAZING!!!!!!!

Tina West
Amazing knowledge!!! I am so grateful for the help I received my son's cat is doing well now all thanks to DIYANIMALDOCTOR ... I am so glad I was able to get him help and in the firm of natural treatment being able to treat him with natural elements instead of chemicals as I choose to do for the rest of my family is awesome.

Gwen Decorte-Reid
Lots of helpful information for your pets with loving advice.

Theresa Richardson
Sarabeth is very knowledgeable about the animals and essential oils! She also is a sweetheart and very understanding when working with you and the animals.

April Joy Kemen
Very responsive and helpful with my concerns about my kitty. Going to try out her tips and hope for some good results. â˜ș

Candy Hoaglund
I asked about a problem regarding our dogs and she responded back within 24 hours. Asked more questions and gave me a resolution to the problem.


My name is Sarabeth and many know me as the DIYAnimalDoctor on Social Media. I am an optimist, nature lover, animal empath, vegetarian, homesteading enthusiast, wild foraging lover & farm girl. I am most fond of horses & currently own three(with more to come) and two donkeys.  I am currently enjoying my small farm which I call home. I was born and raised in the Catskill Mountains of New York. My journey towards natural healing started on the farm where I had many animal children & was attending to all their health concerns daily. I was using many home herbal & homeopathic remedies. When I was a small child I was diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases, Celiac disease & Rheumatoid Arthritis. This of coarse led me to dƍTERRA. First I integrated using the oils on myself. Then I transformed & altered those techniques to suit the animals. I have my BS in Animal Science and a minor in Chemistry and Biology. I am also a student making my way through college studying to be a Veterinarian & Acupuncturist. Natural remedies, essential oils and homesteading  have empowered me to know I have options to take care of mostly EVERYTHING at home for my animals, my family & myself. I now know that everyone needs these oils in their home!

I am beyond passionate about natural health & overall balance!
If you have any questions about how you can get doTERRA in your home or anything in general feel free to contact me. Also make sure to connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Pinterest!

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