The Perks of the Loyalty Rewards Program

June 28, 2017 diyanimaldoctor No comments exist

Ok. So I’m going to apologize how long this post is before hand because I’m extremely passionate about doTERRAS Loyalty Rewards Program also known as LRP.

When you first get started with your kit and doterra it can get a little confusing.


So I’m going to break down all about the perks about why you need to be ordering through the LRP when you need more oils.


Did you know with your starter kit you get a wholesale membership for with doTERRA for the coming year? You literally get all your products at 25% off whenever you want?

Do you like FREE stuff and are you obsessed with oils?! I know I do & I AM! I get mine FREE EVERY month! I want to show you how I got all tens Oils in this box for FREE. I’m sure you can tell by now that I have a little tiny problem with hoarding oils… I always need a backup! We through oils like crazy in my home & I give them to people in need so I always need a backup or multiple stashes

So I wanna chat about how I got all those oils for FREE via the LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM. This program is super duper generous folks. When I order each month I get my shipping back in points & also get 30% of my orders point value (pv) back in points. For example: I ordered 200pv this month & I shipped economy for $3.99 so I will get 60 points for my order and 4 points for my shipping, a grand total of 64 points. FYI points equal dōTERRA cash & that means FREE OILS BABY! When my points apply to my back office (next month on the 15th) I can choose $64 worth of oils & use my points to pay for them 🙂

This program is a great way to capitalize on your oil stash in a slower manner without having to front all your money, plus get FREE oils for ordering.


If you have bought a starter kit you now have a wholesale membership! You are wondering… so how do I order again after this…of course because you now have fallen in love with the oils and what is the difference?

There a two ways to order.

You can log into your back office & add items in your cart & do a ONE TIME wholesale purchase. This gives you everything at 25% off.


You can purchase through the LRP. This option gives you the most flexibility & earns you tons of FREE oils for what you purchase each month. Caught your attention didn’t I? When you set up your Loyalty Rewards cart you get 25% off everything, get deeper discounts, get a percentage back & shipping back in points. Remember points equal dōTERRA cash! FREE OILS BABY! You get all these perks so for ordering through the LRP. There is no catch here my dears.

What I love about the LRP is you never have to buy a certain amount every month. You can buy a single oil or a shampoo or you can choose to completely overhaul your health and buy the best supplements & replace items in your home that you are probably buying anyways. You can always cancel at anytime. What I tell people is try it out for 3 months then you will be one with the LRP force 🙂


When you start your order via the LRP as long as you order 50pv (point value) per month you move up in the percentage you earn back (in points) every 3 months. In simple terms consistency earns you more FREE OILS! You can earn all the way to 30% back. This means that for every 100pv (roughly $100) that you buy you will get 30pv back. That’s just like $30 back plus my shipping back in points! I also get the FREE product of the month just by ordering 125pv by the 15th of the month!

There are some BIG PERKS to starting with the bigger kits in the Loyalty Rewards Program. If you get started with the Diamond Kit you start at 25% back. The Every Oil kit starts you at 20%. The Natural Solutions kit starts you at 15% and all the smaller kits start you at 10%

DōTERRA is so much more then oils to me. Before I was buying all of my vitamins, toothpaste, Laundry detergent, cleaning supplies and face care from my local health food store. I now but the long life Vitality supplements and everything else through the LRP and it gets shipped straight to my door 🙂

I have replaced everything in my home with the best most purest dōTERRA products and the LRP has saved me tons of money!


I want to shed some light on how flexible it truly is. Each month you get to decide what you want to take advantage of.

Let me give you an example:

Let’s say you are on your 11th month at 25% back of ordering over 50pv a month & you have to drop it down to 10pv ( a lemongrass oil) You will still get your shipping back in points but you won’t EARN your % back or move up. You basically put a hold on your rewards. You don’t gain any and you don’t loose any. The next month you bump it back up to 50pv & you continue to advance in your % back and EARN points!

If you order 125pv by the 15th of the month you get sent the FREE PRODUCT OF THE MONTH. This is how I got many of my oils in my BIG box (hello 12 free oils a year) it’s a really awesome way to build your oil stash just by ordering and loving the oils. And then sometimes there are the 200pv promos. Like for example this month when you make a single order of 200pv you get a FREE Deep Blue Rub & Roller Touch!  For these dōTERRA usually rewards us with a FREE higher value product ($70-90) . Anyone can get this promo even if you are just starting! So this month when you start with me with any 200pv kit or order you get these FREE.

This is such a generous program guys. If you want to do what I do and help others get started and get these oils in their home (I mean everyone needs them) you want to be sure you ALWAYS keep your cart & order at 100pv at all times. This is how the computer knows to send a check your way weekly and monthly.

I hope this clears any questions & confusion about needing to order a certain amount with dōTERRA every month. You have complete freedom and control over what products you get into your home 🙂

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