Cooking with Essential Oils

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I absolutely adore cooking with essential oils! It’s Super easy to add them into any recipe Where you would normally use dried or fresh herbs. Your asking… “Well why do I want to cook with essential oils?” Let  me tell you my dears. Essential oils are 50-70 times more potent then dried herbs! Yes that’s right. So this means a few awesome things.

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1) You only need a few  drops max! Some recipes only call for a toothpick dipped in the essential oil.

2) They amplify the flavor of any recipe!

3) You experience the therapeutic benefits Of the oils in a fun & different way.

One of the reasons I started cooking with oils was due to my Celiac Disease and all my allergies I was experiencing daily because of it. I have grown very fond of using the oils everyday and they help me on so many levels.

Here are some tips When using oils in your recipes:

1) For 1/2 drop-drop 1 drop in a spoon & use a knife to section out half.

2) Mix your essential oils with olive oil to disperse the flavor evenly in your recipe.

3) Baking typically requires more oil then cooking. Ex: For spaghetti sauce use 2-3 toothpick swirls oregano VS. 2-3 drops for bread.

4) 1/2 tsp dried herbs = 2-3 swirls Oil.

5) I tsp dried herbs =  1 drop oil.

6) 1 tsp lemon extract (citrus) = 16 drops Oil.

7) 1 tbsp lemon Zest = 8 drops oil.

I mean come on don’t these Lemon Bars look divine?! So Click here  give them a go & let me know What you think below in the comments. Essential oils take Baking to a whole new level trust me!

Please remember to only use therapeutic grade essential Oils! Not all oils are created equal and many aren’t safe  for internal consumption. So do yourself a favor because you get what you pay for when it comes to oils. Watch this video on the oils I use, trust and why 😊


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