Beat the Chiggers with Essential Oils

September 8, 2015 diyanimaldoctor No comments exist

It's that time of year. Chigger breeding season. I use to think it was the worst time of year. Here in TN September is when the weather starts to cool down a tad. It's wonderful until those crazy chiggers start having a hay day on your legs! Chiggers like to hide out in tall grass, thick vegetation or overgrown areas. It is their playground. Your pets can also bring them in on their fur and transfer them to your, lets say... bed. My dog loves sleeping on my bed.

What makes them so incognito is they are almost invisible to the eye. They are EXTREMELY small but feel the chiggers wrath bite when you walk through one of their camps. Usually you will notice too late. The damage is done and now you have red itchy welts all over that could last for 3 weeks or MORE!

Their wrath lasts so long because the chigger inserts its mouth parts into the skin which lightly attaches the chigger to your body. The chigger then injects a digestive fluid into the skin which breaks down the skin cells. The skin around the bite hardens in reaction to the digestive fluids creating a tube through which the chigger feeds on the liquefied skin cells! EWWWWW GROSS!!! As soon as you scratch the area where the chigger injected the fluid it is rubbed off the skin. It’s the presence of the feeding tube and continued itching and swelling left behind by the chigger that causes many people to believe the chigger is still burrowed under the skin.

So what can you do???

You PREVENT if lucky  & TREAT if you happen to be unlucky.

I stay away from Deet or any other chemical products because I know that stuff can't be good for me! The good news is there's natural alternatives to everything, which makes me one happy chic 🙂

I like to whip up a batch of homemade "chigger be gone" and spray it on my legs or anywhere I think my body would come into contact with their camp sites when I go outside. You can also spay this on your DOGS as well, it is safe as long as you use less essential oil.

My Chigger Be Gone Spray

  • 4 oz glass spray bottle
  • Distilled water

20 drops TerraShield essential oil (5-7 drops for dogs)

If you happen to be a unlucky one don't hesitate to actually scratch the itch as this will make the chiggers fall off and not itch as long. However, don't forget that nasty little straw is still in your skin to drive you nuts which can cause some horrendous secondary skin infections.

My Itch Be Gone Roller Ball Blend


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